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5 and 6/10 – October Fair “Mercatale in Piazza” Dicomano

5 and 6/10 - October Fair "Mercatale in Piazza" Dicomano Historic appointment with many new features: a fair "from square to square", which will take up the story and the Dicomano tradition as a privileged market place, road junction at the center of exchanges e meetings since ancient times. A fair that will pay tribute to an illustrious personage of history reported medieval, Giovanni di Buto the [...]

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From 28/08 to 1/09 – La Fieracalda – Vicchio

From 28/08 to 1/09 - La Fieracalda - Vicchio Traditional appointment, which has its roots since the early 1800s. 28 and 29/08 BEAUTY FAIR in the Ponte a Vicchio  with an exhibition of animals, shows and equestrian games. In the historic center: stands, cultural, artistic and musical performances e catering. From 28/08 to 1/09 from 10am market of the Hot Fair. 29/08 at 8:30 pm Equestrian gala at th [...]

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3.4 and 10/08 – Palio di San Lorenzo – Borgo San Lorenzo

3.4 and 10/08 - Palio di San Lorenzo - Borgo San Lorenzo Borgo San Lorenzo, historic center 3/08: in the afternoon, off to the first two games that will assign seats for the final on August 10th: la Race with the Carts and, at night in front of the Town Hall, the very sent Tire alla Fune. 4/08: in the afternoon the traditional Rulla shooting at the Bastioni track and the Corsa della Rotoballa in P [...]

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5th July 2019 – Borgo San Lorenzo -Florence summer dance

5th July 2019 - Florence summer dance Borgo San Lorenzo, P.zza Castelvecchio at 9.15 pm Dance show in the frame of Fabrica32 and in the framework of the 13th edition of Florence Summer Dance, will be held in Piazza Castelvecchio the dance show, organized by the association Alambrado Dance, with the patronage and collaboration of the municipal administration. Entrance free.   Our structure is [...]

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12th May 2019- Open stables in Mugello

12 May - Open stables in Mugello A unique opportunity to discover "the Via del Latte" and visit the farms that give milk for "Selezione Mugello" and "Podere Centrale", see the life on the farm, learn about the animals, the their habits and the nature that surrounds them. During the whole day they will leave, from the square in front of Villa Pecori Giraldi, the buses for visiting some stables. Vis [...]

From 7th to 12th May 2019- Mugello da fiaba – Borgo San Lorenzo

From 7th to 12th May- Mugello da fiaba - Borgo San Lorenzo, Villa Pecori Giraldi Villa Pecori Giraldi and its park will become the country of fables, books and toys. Creative writing, illustration, first rudiments of theater, music, educational game dedicated to children of various age groups. In the Children's Museum, 11 and 12/05, 4 pm-6pm: workshop for children aged 4 to 10, “Leonardo e la his [...]

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from 3 to 55th May - 23rd Fair of May - Dicomano - center of the country Agriculture and animal husbandry in the forefront of this traditional event of Dicomano, with the 20th provincial exhibition of the Limousine breed and the 23rd livestock exhibition of breeders locals, birds of prey and poultry. And again, milking demonstration, equestrian performances, dog show, street shows and workshops fo [...]

From 12th to 14th April 2019- Fiorinfiera – Borgo San Lorenzo

From 12th to 14th April - Fiorinfiera - Borgo San Lorenzo, piazza Dante 6th market exhibition of plants, flowers, gardening equipment and outdoor life in the center historical of Borgo San Lorenzo. From 18.00 Flowers colors, music with dj Marco and dj Benny, edited by Convivio. info info   Our structure is only 16 Km far from Borgo San Lorenzo , we would be very pleased to host you, for info [...]

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21st – 24th march 2019 – Giotto jazz festival 2019 in Vicchio

Giotto jazz festival 2019 in Vicchio A great event completely dedicated to Jazz music. The protagonists of this edition: Ginevra by Marco and the Multiethnic Orchestra of Arezzo, Ida Nielsen and the Funboats, the Calibro 35 and Sergio Cammariere Trio. Info: 055 8439225 - web site - ​​055 8439269 - info - ​​info@jazzclubofvicchio.it   Our structure is only 9 Km far from Vicchio , we would be v [...]

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Mugello Carnival 2019 – Borgo San Lorenzo and Dicomano

Mugello Carnival 2019 - Borgo San Lorenzo February 10th, 17th e 24th - March 5th Allegorical floats, masks, music and lots of fun for adults and children Info: 055 849661 - info Mugello Carnival 2019 - Dicomano February 17th and 24th - March 3rd and 5th Dicomano parades with allegorical floats, masked groups, children's entertainment. Free admission info Our structure is only 16 Km far from Borgo [...]

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