Incipit 2018 gets the Golden Medal at the Lyon International Competition

Borgo Macereto participated in the Concours International de Lyon 2021 and our Incipit 2018 obtained the coveted Médaille d'Or to our Farm. [...]

INCIPIT 2016 92punti FALSTAFF … and there was evening and there was morning. Day one.(cit.)

Borgo Macereto with its first wine, the IGT Red Tuscany, INCIPIT 2016, marks the beginning of its wine history and the appreciations and awards coming soon. 92 Points obtained to our great satisfaction at the Tasting 2020 dedicated by FALSTAFF to Central Tuscany, make us think that the path taken is the right one, with originals wines well-finshed both in terms of quality and aesthetics. INCIPIT 2 [...]

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