From 28/08 to 1/09 – La Fieracalda – Vicchio
Traditional appointment, which has its roots since the early 1800s.
28 and 29/08 BEAUTY FAIR in the Ponte a Vicchio  with an exhibition of animals,
shows and equestrian games. In the historic center: stands, cultural, artistic and musical performances e
catering. From 28/08 to 1/09 from 10am market of the Hot Fair.

29/08 at 8:30 pm Equestrian gala at the sports field; from 9.30 pm Crazy Eighty concert e
Concert by the Vicchio Folk Band
30/08 from 17.00 “Insospettabilichef”, challenge between amateur chefs judged by Gaetano Gennai,
Chiara Ciccotelli, Luigi Incrocci and Luisanna Messeri. From 9 pm ballroom dancing and Confusion choir

31/08 10 am model demonstration, 7 pm marathon, 9 pm comic show with Alessandro Paci and 11.30 pm Pool Party.

1/09 from 9.00 pm dance show and concert with Ale & Jhonny, 11.30 pm Fireworks on
Lake of Montelleri.


Borgo Macereto is really close to the event, for info or reservation please follow the link